Collection of images for Nigerian Passport design

Like a travel handbook, each visa page features one unique attraction from all Nigerian States: ethnic tribes, images of the country’s rich cultural heritage, natural wonders, and landmarks.

It was a pleasure to work for such a gorgeous mission.

Zuma Rock
Tiv Dancers (Swange Dance)
Ijele – King’s Masquerade Cultural Attire
Argungu Fishing Festival
Igbo Cultural Dance
Gate to the Emir’s Palace in Zaria
Fulani Herdsman
Benin Bronze Head of an Oba
Norhern Nigerian Durbar
Lagos Idumota Market
Fulani Women
Kajuru Kastle
Nok Terracotta Head
Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters
Festac Mask
Northern Nigerian Village – Zamfara
National Assembly Building
Taraba State Landscape
Abuja City Gate
Kakaki Music Instrumentent
Oil Platform
Nkim Dancers of the Ejagham People
Obudu Cattle Ranch Cable Car
Boat on the Benue River
The Eyo Festival
Yoruba Queen Mother Bronze Head
Riyom Rock Formation
Atilogwu Cultural Dance
Baobab Tree
Gelede Masquerade Dancers
Matsirga Waterfalls
Statue of Sango